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As your Lawyer,

I will fight for your Rights and Freedom, every step of the way.

Montclair Criminal Defense Lawyer

Stephan J. Johnson

Montclair Criminal Defense Attorney and Traffic Violations Lawyer Stephan J. Johnson has over 30 years of experience representing clients facing criminal charges and traffic offenses. If you have been charged or are being investigated for the commission of a crime, or you are challenging a traffic ticket or driving infraction, you will need the skills of an experienced traffic violations attorney and criminal defense lawyer.

Stephen J. Johnson, Attorney at Law, works with clients in cases involving DUI, reckless driving, suspended licenses, commercial trucking violations, theft crimes, parole and probate violations, and more. In addition, he is experienced in a range of injury/accident cases  and business matters.

Mr. Johnson personalizes his approach to each client while handling the unique details of each case from beginning to end. Contact Montclair Traffic Violations Attorney and Criminal Defense Lawyer Stephan Johnson by calling (909) 476-1455. Please schedule a free initial consultation at which Mr. Johnson can address your concerns and work out a plan to help you obtain the best possible outcome.

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Fighting for Your Rights in Montclair, California

As a highly experienced criminal defense lawyer, Mr. Johnson will fight to help you keep your freedom and receive the least penalties allowable by law. Our firm handles a range of criminal cases, including:

DUI charges, driving under the influence of a controlled substance charges, or other driving infractions may have consequences on your criminal record as well as your driving record. DUI Attorney and Driving Offense Attorney Johnson will represent you in criminal court as well as at the DMV Administrative Hearings.

For clients charged with causing serious bodily injury, Assault and Battery Lawyer Stephan Johnson looks at all the angles to minimize the penalties.

With experience handling a wide range of drug charges, Drug Crimes Attorney Johnson works to lessen the charge while exploring treatment options or alternative sentencing programs.

Whether your charge is a felony or a misdemeanor, Theft Crimes Attorney Johnson will fight for your rights in any type of robbery, fraud, or bribery charge.

If you are facing harsh penalties for an alleged violation of probation or parole, Mr. Johnson will work diligently toward the best outcome for you. Parole and Probation Violations Lawyer Stephan Johnson can help you through this entire process.

In California, certain individuals may qualify to have certain criminal charges removed from their record. As a knowledgeable Expungement Attorney, Mr. Johnson helps clients clear their criminal records.

Fighting Driving Offenses | Reducing Your Penalties

As a seasoned Montclair Traffic Violation Lawyer, Mr. Johnson handles a wide range of traffic offenses, traffic violations, traffic-related misdemeanors, and traffic tickets. He takes care of all the details, often appearing in court for clients when their presence is not needed. Our firm strives to reduce court costs and court time for each client in many types of cases, including:

Mr. Johnson understands how a traffic violation affects truckers who depend on their license to make a living. Montclair Commercial Trucking Violations Attorney Stephan Johnson fights for clients to keep their license while minimizing penalties.

For all types of traffic tickets and moving violations, Montclair Traffic Violations Lawyer Johnson works diligently to minimize consequences for drivers. He handles every detail and represents clients at every court appearance.

DMV Hearings Lawyer | DUI Defense

As a seasoned DUI Defense Lawyer, Mr. Johnson is highly experienced at handling both sides of a DUI case: the DMV Administrative Hearing and the criminal case.

Protecting driver’s rights for over 20 years, Reckless Driving Lawyer Stephan Johnson helps drivers who have unfairly been charged with reckless driving.

If you have been cited for driving with a suspended license, you will need a highly qualified Driving Offense Attorney on your side. Mr. Johnson vigorously fights for the rights of his clients to obtain the best possible outcome.

Contact an Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer Today

Montclair Attorney Stephan Johnson helps clients navigate their case throughout the entire legal process. He has helped numerous clients achieve successful outcomes which have included shorter sentences, a reduction in penalties, and even the dismissal of charges.

Call upon our knowledgeable Traffic Violation Attorney and Criminal Defense Attorney to help with your legal troubles. Call (909) 476-1455 to arrange for a free private consultation. Or, reach us online by completing our Case Evaluation Form. We are well equipped to help with your legal issues.


From Montclair City Hall, head east on Benito Street. Turn left on Central Avenue. Take the 10 East and exit at Archibald Avenue. Turn left on N. Archibald Avenue. Make a right on Inland Empire Blvd. Our office is on the left at 2990 Inland Empire Blvd., Suite 114.