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Jurupa Valley Traffic Violation Lawyer Stephan J. Johnson is a criminal defense attorney able to effectively represent clients charged with a traffic offense or other crime. If your circumstances involve being under investigation or being accused of a criminal act, or if you find you are in need of legal advice and defense against a traffic infraction, misdemeanor, or other violation, Jurupa Valley Attorney Johnson can help. He is able to safeguard your rights and work towards a successful result.

Because Jurupa Valley Criminal Defense Lawyer Johnson has been helping people with criminal and traffic law issues for more than three decades, he provides a strong defense for those accused of theft, drug crimes, parole or probation violations, and more. As a skilled traffic violation attorney, Mr. Johnson knows how to gain good results for matters involving suspended licenses, traffic violations, and charges such as DUI or reckless driving. In addition, our firm can assist with business matters and personal injury issues.

Jurupa Valley Criminal Defense Attorney Johnson offers legal guidance and advice tailored to the case at hand. He sees each legal matter through from the beginning to the end. To speak with a traffic violation lawyer who can make a difference, call (909) 476-1455 and schedule an appointment for a no-cost consultation. Mr. Johnson will explain what your rights are, provide answers to questions, and devise a sensible plan for resolving the situation.

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Reducing Penalties | Protecting Freedom

One of the first priorities for Mr. Johnson is keeping clients out of jail and minimizing fines or other penalties. As a knowledgeable criminal defense lawyer, he implements the solutions needed for a successful outcome in many types of cases.

Driving Offenses Attorney | DUI Lawyer

Mr. Johnson is a skilled driving offense lawyer and DUI attorney who is able to help clients with DMV hearings and DUI criminal proceedings.  He assists in a wide range of criminal driving charges. Jurupa Valley Attorney Johnson handles hit and run, reckless driving, driving on a suspended license, and many similar cases.

Assault and Battery Attorney

A charge of assault and battery involves the use of force on someone else whether attempted or actually carried out. Mr. Johnson is a proactive assault and battery lawyer who examines every applicable means of criminal defense in order to ensure a strong case and decreased penalties whenever possible.

Drug Crimes Lawyer

There are many kinds of drug crimes for which charges may be filed. Drug Crimes Attorney Johnson has many years’ experience in defending such cases. He works to keep drug charges from becoming a permanent part of a client’s record.

Expungement Lawyer

There are certain situations where it is possible to remove criminal charges from someone’s record. As a knowledgeable expungement attorney, Mr. Johnson can explain the qualifications and help clear certain charges and convictions in Jurupa Valley and any other area of California.

Parole & Probation Violations Attorney

In a case where an individual faces further penalties because of an alleged probation or parole violation, Attorney Stephan Johnson can resolve matters and work for a positive outcome. He offers reliable guidance as a skilled parole and probation violation lawyer. Mr. Johnson personally tends to each case in order to defend the client’s rights at every turn.

Theft Crimes Lawyer

The term theft crimes includes acts such as fraud and robbery as well as bribery. Theft Crimes Attorney Stephan Johnson provides a strong defense against felonies and misdemeanors.

Defense for Traffic Charges | Keep Your License

Jurupa Valley Traffic Violations Attorney Stephan Johnson’s experience and skill allows him to work efficiently and streamline his approach to matters involving traffic court. If you are facing a traffic infraction, ticket, or misdemeanor, or a serious traffic violation, he can often have fees and court time reduced. This may even mean there is no need for a client to appear in the courtroom at all, as there are many matters that can be handled by Attorney Johnson alone. There are many types of traffic matters he represents:

Commercial Trucking Violations Lawyer

Attorney Johnson proves himself an effective commercial truckers defense attorney by helping truck drivers retain their driving privileges. There are some traffic violations related to commercial driving that could seriously impact a driver’s career. Attorney Johnson works diligently to reduce such penalties.

Jurupa Valley Traffic Violations Lawyer

When helping a client with a moving violation, Jurupa Valley Traffic Violations Lawyer Stephan Johnson uses his knowledge and skill to achieve a reduction or even an elimination of the serious consequences that might otherwise result. In addition to explaining your rights, Mr. Johnson addresses your concerns and provides representation for court appearances.

DMV Hearings Lawyer for Jurupa Valley, California

Attorney Stephan Johnson is a DUI defense lawyer able to assist in DMV and criminal matters that involve charges of driving under the influence. As a part of his representation, he will handle DMV administrative issues as well.

Reckless Driving Attorney

Jurupa Valley Reckless Driving Lawyer Stephan J. Johnson can assist you with reckless driving charges. His decades of experience have enabled him to effectively defend clients’ rights and avoid some potentially serious effects of this type of charge.

Driving Offense Lawyer

When someone is charged with driving while on a suspended license, this is regarded in a serious light by the courts. Driving Offense Attorney Johnson can successfully handle these cases. He pursues a favorable outcome that preserves the rights of the client.

Call a Knowledgeable Criminal Defense Attorney

Having multiple decades of experience assisting people in navigating the justice system, Jurupa Valley Criminal Defense Attorney Johnson can attain the reduction of financial penalties, sentences, and charges. At times, a charge may even be dismissed.

Jurupa Valley Traffic Violations Attorney Johnson can be reached at (909) 476-1455. Call to make a free consultation appointment. The online contact page can also be used. You will be contacted after your form is received to schedule an appointment. Attorney Johnson has the skill needed to resolve cases.

Jurupa Valley Criminal Defense Lawyer Stephan J. Johnson