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DUI & Driving Offenses TRAFFIC VIOLATIONS Suspended License

I firmly believe that every individual I represent deserves to have a voice in the criminal justice system.

After you are arrested on suspicion of DUI, you face a battle on two fronts: one in criminal court and one against the DMV.

Southern California has a car-based economy, and without a drivers license, it is practically impossible to earn a living.

Traffic Violations can have major implications on your finances and capability to sustain employment and income.

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As your Lawyer, I will fight for your Rights and Freedom every step of the way.

Chino Hills Criminal Defense Lawyer Stephan Johnson rigorously defends individuals who are fighting charges of criminal activity or traffic violations. His years of experience as a traffic ticket attorney and criminal defense lawyer enable him to identify and develop the right strategy for the client’s situation.

Mr. Johnson guides clients in cases of criminal law as well as in matters of traffic law. This includes theft crimes, drug charges, DUI, assault, battery, driving on a suspended license, parole violations, and probation violations. If you need to discuss a reckless driving charge, misdemeanor traffic infraction, or other traffic ticket, Chino Hills Criminal Defense Attorney Stephan Johnson can help. He can also advise individuals who are interested in expungement of certain charges to have them cleared from their record.Chino Hills Criminal Defense Attorney Stephan J. Johnson

Chino Hills Traffic Violations Lawyer Johnson has the skill needed to properly represent the interests of commercial truckers as well as the interests of others who depend on driving for their livelihood. Mr. Johnson understands the kinds of pressure a traffic ticket can impose on commercial drivers, and he works to resolve the situation by the best possible means.

To learn more about what Chino Hills Attorney Johnson can do to help your case, call (909) 476-1455 and schedule a complimentary consultation. Mr. Johnson offers a personal, effective approach that helps clients reach the positive outcome they need.

Fighting Criminal Charges in Chino Hills, California

If a criminal charge against you could result in fines, time in jail, or other penalties, contact Criminal Defense Attorney Johnson. He can often have fees minimized and jail time eliminated or reduced. Mr. Johnson is familiar with a full range of criminal charges, and he assists with the following types of cases.

Drug Crimes Lawyer

With recent changes in legislation, drug crime laws are evolving in California. Drug Crimes Attorney Stephan Johnson understands the new laws and how these can impact your case. Our law firm helps clients with charges of possession, sale, or manufacture of a controlled substance as well as with many other drug crime cases.

Assault & Battery Attorney

Working diligently to reduce the penalties imposed or to have charges dismissed, Assault & Battery Lawyer Johnson believes each individual’s rights must be respected. He builds a strong case to defend those accused of a crime using force.

Probation & Parole Violation Attorney

When an individual is charged with a parole or a probation violation, Chino Hills Criminal Defense Attorney Stephan J. Johnson can represent your interests. He will fight to have the penalties reduced. Due to his many years’ experience as a parole & probation violation lawyer, Attorney Johnson understands the various procedures involved in such cases.

DUI Lawyer Representation | Driving Offense Attorney

When someone is facing a charge of DUI, it is vital that they have experienced legal counsel. DUI Attorney and Driving Offense Lawyer Johnson provides strong representation against the criminal charges involved in a DUI, and he handles all related DMV administrative hearings as well.

Theft Crimes Lawyer

When defending clients against felony or misdemeanor robbery, fraud, or bribery charges, Theft Crimes Attorney Stephan Johnson diligently examines evidence and any available surveillance footage. This careful evaluation enables him to build a stronger defense in theft cases.

Expungement Lawyer

There are specific cases where charges against an individual can be removed from their record. Contact Expungement Attorney Johnson to discuss your case and whether it is possible to clear criminal charges from your record for a fresh start.

Effective Counsel for Traffic Violations

Our law firm represents clients with moving violations in Chino Hills and elsewhere in California. Whether you are facing a commercial trucking violation, suspended license infraction, reckless driving charge, or a similar traffic-related matter, Traffic Violations Attorney Johnson can help.

Consult Chino Hills Criminal Defense Lawyer Stephan Johnson

Having over 20 years of experience helping people with criminal charges and traffic violation matters, Chino Hills Traffic Violations Attorney and Criminal Defense Lawyer Johnson knows what to do when a client’s rights or freedom are threatened. To arrange a free consultation, call our law firm at (909) 476-1455. We can also be reached by completing and submitting an online case evaluation form. Attorney Stephan J. Johnson will carefully consider your case and help you work towards a positive outcome.


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Chino Hills Traffic Violations Lawyer Stephan Johnson